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Problems With Setup CPanel


I'm a newbie its first time bought domain and host . yesterday i bought domain and host for 1 year 12$ when i make web host tell me select domain i only have 1 domain and selected automatic i press setup cPanel and sign in go alll 4 steps and finally tell me it will take up 2 minute i stayed 1 hour nothing happen closed this page and try to make it again i cant when press web host my domain not appear and when i wrote it and type username same first one tell me be unique now what is the problem when i can access to my cPanel and build my website ?

I'm very disappointed 


Hey Ahmed,


Sometimes these systems will prompt for a unique user ID.  This tends to mean you cannot share the same user ID as someone else on the system, it would need to be unique.    Most of the time when settings up cPanel accounts, there is also a "Generate Password" option.  I would suggest using this option with the unique username to setup the account.  You can always update your password later.  Good Luck.


I purchased a Deluxe cPanel Hosting so I can move my classic hosting which will expire next month.

I already set it up using a subdomain and installed WordPress. I am sure it went well because when I try to set it up again using the same subdomain, it prompted that the subdomain is already used. Unfortunately, I did not received any email or update that the setup has been completed.

I constantly check to monitor the progress but I don't see any update as well. (I have to mention this because I see support answers telling users to check that link)

My question is, how long does it take for cPanel to complete the setup?

Also, your PH Support number (0923) 099-0453 can't be reached. Frustrating!