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Resource Limit Reached cPanel - Went back to normal after refreshing



This has occurred a couple of times in our GoDaddy hosting account. I recently check our hosting account this morning to download some backup files, then in approximately 15-25 minutes, I noticed the warning message at the top of the cPanel dashboard about "reaching the resource limits". We also got that same warning message via email.


But here's the catch, I just logged out of the account after downloading the files I need and refreshed my browser, then logged back in after 10-15 minutes and its all back to normal!


So, I'm now not really sure if I should suggest to my boss to upgrade to a higher plan or check first with support why is this so. I have read a few forums here in GoDaddy as well as some articles about this issue in GoDaddy. A bit contradicting if I may say.


Anyway, would appreciate any points on why is this happening and what's the best solution or step to take.



Getting Started

@AdminBF Please share a "Cpanel" screenshot to get best solution...



Murali from




i am having the same problem, how can resource will reach the limit when we are not using more 100MB(in the worst case), coz i just started setting up the website. i think they are trying to do business by making the site down..and to do upgrade for higher plan...never had such problem in other hosting company..