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SSH: Error connecting to server

Hi, everyone.

I have a problem with connection to my server with ssh. I reseive the error: ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer. I think it happened after several unsuccessful attempts to auth.


What should I do?


Community Team
Community Team

If you're still receiving this error, you'll want to test the SSH connection to your server through a different network connection.  You should be able to successfully reach the server that way.  



I had the same problem, i tryed to login with user root more three times, and goddady banned my ip, i test ssh connection from other ip and i can access without problem


My question is, how to delet my IP from godaddy black list ??




Hola tengo el mismo problema, ¿lograste quitar tu ip de la lista negra?



Have you resolved this issue?

Your IP address has been blocked by many attempts trying to login. 


You should test if by using another network (different provider, maybe using WiFi  through your cellphone the password is prompted)


The only way to solve this is to ask GoDaddy to unblock your IP address, I've explained here everything.