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Site Not Accessible After NS Update



My domain and hosting are both with GoDaddy for domain.


The problem happened yesterday when I connected my site to Cloudflare by updating name servers with Cloudflare name servers. The site was not working normally (still being accessible) so I switched back to the "default nameservers"


After that I noticed that I was not getting all the DNS settings that were present for that domain prior to making the NS update the very first time. In addition to this, the site was also showing "Parked Domain" page in browser. I updated the name server option back to default several times with no luck.


Can anyone let me know if I missed out anything here that is causing the site to be not accessible at my end?



Community Team
Community Team

Hi @marneye, looks like the DNS has updated properly as I'm now able to view your website without any issues.  Thanks.