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Solved! - Switching Domain hosting

Hi there


**Update - Now Solved!**


I don't know if this is the right section or not. (feel free to let me know)


I purchased my domain ( through a separate site ( and then bought hosting with GoDaddy, as I had found them easy to use with another basic website in the past.


I've changed my A type DNS record with Hosting Ireland to point to the IP address that the GoDaddy hosting tells me to. 


I'm quite new to this area, but is there something else I'm missing? All I get now is "pageok" and GoDaddy telling me it's still been hosted elsewhere. I've contacted Hosting Ireland, but they've done all they can do from their side. Is the only way to reach GoDaddy support team through phone?

I've even tried changing the individual nameservers and waiting a few days, but that doesn't work either and seems to make it worse, as when I run a WHOIS lookup, the domain can't be found. Right now, I've just changed the settings to go back to default nameservers (to the IP GoDaddy gave me) and I'm waiting for that to propagate back. It's annoying that everything seems to take a few days.


Any advice would be very much appreciated.


Thank you,



Community Manager

Hi @SCassidy. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Glad you were able to get your issue resolved. If you wouldn't mind, please consider following up here with the steps you took to resolve the issue. Others may benefit from what you've experienced. Thanks!


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