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Unable to Login to Cpanel as well as website

I Still have the same issue with Godaddy still facing the same issue on same IP address. The website doesn't work hosting even doesn't respond. (Problematic Server)

Had to call GoDaddy 100 times. Each new agent new story. They say its fixed but I am still not able to login to their Cpanel. Forget website. If the server doesn't respond how will website work. Gave all ping tracert results each time on the call.

Idiots don't have knowledge upon that I even lost SSL certificate. Which I didn't revoke anyways total loss. I asked them for the refund they say out of refund period. What will I do with the disconnected server? Its like I am donating to GoDaddy.


Its been a month since I lost my server. GoDaddy is of no help and stealing money. Cant, you give me refund if you cant provide service.

Website and Cpanel don't ping with IP getting the timeout error on browser.


Always had to explain from begging. Please fix this issue right now else this will be a big issue. I always get the timeout error. And they ask me to contact ISP edited. I changed ISP cleared cache.

Dude, I am a Computer science engineering. Don't I know what should be done? Also, I have CCNA done. Idiots don't have a concern what customers are facing.



Mohammed Safwan


Hi @saffy128,


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, if it is outside of the refund policy you would not be eligible for a refund. Can you please provide the trace route and more details? Others in the Community may be able to share suggestions if you provide more information. 



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