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Unable to connect to using FIlezilla

I'm getting a 530 error when trying to connect using filezilla (version 3.51.0 on a Win7 machine) I realize this is not a new problem. I searched and read the replies, but nothing works for me. I get a 530 error, but I know I am using the correct password.


My filezilla log, anonymized:

Status: Resolving address of nameofdomain
Status: Connecting to XXX.XXX.XX.XXX:21...
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Status: Initializing TLS...
Status: Verifying certificate...
Status: TLS connection established.
Command: USER *******
Response: 331 User ******* OK. Password required
Command: PASS ************
Response: 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server


Thanks for any help offered, Mike.