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Understanding GoDaddy Hosting plans



I have some domains acquired with GoDaddy and i want to now host a web server with FTP allowed for one of them. I don't need a website, so I checked out GoDaddy's options for web hosting and it has a plan just for hosting but I need to make sure of two things:

1) Can I enable FTP access with this plan?

2) Is it possible to use PHP in the server? I need to run an application that uses PHP.

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Re: Understanding GoDaddy Hosting plans

Hello @brunoalc and thank you for reaching out to the community. 


Could you tell us what GoDaddy hosting package you were looking at? 

Very Respectfully,

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Re: Understanding GoDaddy Hosting plans

I need a help too... I have appointed a developer to build my website. I have taken a hosting pack & a domain. How do I handover these to my developer? How can I give him an access?


Re: Understanding GoDaddy Hosting plans

Hi @SudhirP,


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When you setup your hosting plan, you can create an additional unique FTP user name for your developer. Then you won't need to provide them access to your account, but they can just use the FTP access to limit them to your website creation. After the website has been built, you can remove that FTP access at any time to protect your website. 



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Re: Understanding GoDaddy Hosting plans

Hi David,


Sorry for the lack of response. I was looking into the Economy plan of web hosting. But if I need to step up the plan to do it, I might consider it too.