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Website “not responding to hosting”

This is weird. My website can still be visited, but I get the following errors:
• When I try to login to my wordpress, The login page gives me a 404 error, although the URL in the browser is
• When I try to make changes in my cPanel, I get the following error: “Cannot make changes to a domain that is not responding to this hosting account.”
Please help me!
Additional Info
• My domain has been registered for about a year now.
• I almost transferred my domain recently (to Google Domains) but bailed out on it.
Thanks! Elijah
Community Team
Community Team

Hi @ItzTheGreenNinj, hopefully the issue is resolved at this time, but if you're still having trouble, I'd first recommend testing access to the site from another network connection to see if that improves things.  If you get the same errors across multiple networks, you'll want to give our live support teams a call so we can run some real time tests with you to determine what's going on.  Thanks.



i'va same issue my wp page not responding..