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Website not safe

Upload a page with code html to a public folder. I tried to sign in from the browser and received a message that the page was not safe to use.
So the first question: How did this happen? How do you handle it?
After that I tried to play a little bit with the ssl codes and my main site is no longer safe even though I canceled the changes. Does anyone have an idea what to do?

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Re: Website not safe

Welcome to 2017 and the new world wide web @elhanan-cohen. These warnings are newish and have nothing to do with whatever changes you did to your website. These changes are for everyone, you can read more about them at Moving towards a more secure web. Firefox made an announcement on this too but I don't have that handy.


I don't know what you mean when you say "I tried to play a little bit with the ssl codes"? The good news is there is nothing inherently wrong with your website that a properly configured SSL can't fix. There are free options out there but I'd say to purchase your SSL from a reputable company like GoDaddy. I also find that GoDaddy has a VERY easy setup for SSL configuration ESPECIALLY for domains purchased with GoDaddy. I hope that helps?

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