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Which Web Hosting should I use?

Good afternoon,

I am brand new here and would like some advice. I am going to be building a website soon using the software called ATOM, which in the end when the website is complete will produce several html., css. and js. files, all of which will be stored on my computer.


I am using Windows 10 Home at the minute as my operating system, and I have no experience of hosting a website or anything similar to that before, I am a complete rookie. I know there are two choices of Hosting; Linux and Windows, but I honestly have no idea which one will be best to suit my website and to easily make changes to it when it is live.


I know there are two hosting sites; cpanel and Plesk. Does my current operating system have any effect on which path I choose in regards to hosting? The website itself will be for a small local business.


Therefore, if you could kindly give me some advice on which Web Hosting Service to use, then I would kindly appreciate it.


Many thanks!


Re: Which Web Hosting should I use?

How you develop a site has a bigger effect than your current operating system.


In 99% of cases, including yours, you want cPanel hosting. Your site will work just fine on either, but cPanel hosting tends to be faster and more stable.


Typically Plesk is only recommended if your site was written in asp or