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Wordpress dashboard and website erratic connection and load speed

We recently migrated our hosting and domain to Godaddy about a month ago. I've since been experiencing frequent website disconnection and significantly slower load-times especially when maneuvering the dashboard despite other browser windows loading just fine (meaning it wasn't our internet connection). I would often get a window saying "host issue" (photo attached). I've called up Godaddy to check if there was anything wrong with the set-up, and according to them everything seems ok. I've also tried switching from Chrome to Firefox with the same result: website loading would be erratic (sometimes fast, sometimes slow) dashboard would be slow or would just crash altogether, showing the error pictured below.

Not entirely sure how to go about the issue because I don't know what's wrong, or how to ask Godaddy to look into something like this. Would appreciate the help, thanks. 


website is 

host problem disconnection.png

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Re: Wordpress dashboard and website erratic connection and load speed



My guess is it's a combination of whatever type of hosting you purchased and the Cloudflare setup. I find Cloudflare overly complicated and not a very good service, personally.

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Re: Wordpress dashboard and website erratic connection and load speed

Hi @BaseBuilds,


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You may wish to run a traceroute to your GoDaddy server to be sure there are no impediments indicating a slow-down there. It won't necessarily affect other sites through your internet service, but the routing to our server may reveal some issues. 


As far as the erratic connection to your website, there are issues for your website displayed in a 3rd-party testing site. Correcting the scripting and image issues will go a long way to improving the speed of your website as well. 



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