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not able to send emails from outlook to cpanel

i have been using web hosting with cpanel for emails. Has worked fine for a long time, but recently i am unable to send emails. i can receive with no problems. Error message says there is an encryption problem between outlook and the outgoing mail server. No settings have been changed and i have checked all the port settings and MX settings and everything looks ok.  We have multiple computers and all of them show the same problem. We also use outlook with other email providers and this also works fine, so the issue seems to be with GoDaddy. GoDaddy customer service is not helpful and says it is not their problem.


Hi @pmnano,


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You've noted that you are using Outlook as your client for your cPanel email. As you have made no changes, it's possible your ISP has... and you will need to use another outgoing port to send your email. You may check with your ISP and use the instructions here to try some alternate ports. 



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I have tried multiple port configurations : 995/465 with and without SSL and 110/587 or 25 or 26 or 80 etc with and without SSL 

The error message changes but none of them work