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site unavailable to handle request 500 error

pls i need help, my site was working fine when i decided to do an update and then i got this error 


This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

i have been battling with this for days. have googled it several times but no solution. pls help

Hey @campustalkative,


A 500 error is very generic message generated within the server. In order to for our knowledgeable members to offer a suggestion to help out, it will take require some further investigation on your end to determine what actually caused the alert. If you're on a cPanel hosting plan, then you'd want to start by reviewing your error logs


Once you have some more details on what is triggering the alert, feel free to share it here along with some more details about your site and how it was developed (IE custom coding, site builder app, or WordPress). The details will help others who might recognize the issue offer a solution. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thanks @CG 

The whole project was built on laravel 5.6.

i did some investigations about the problem... i replaced the laravel index.php file with another index.html file and it works fine, then with another index.php file and it also worked fine. but my laravel app index.php file keeps bringing this error when i bring it back. 

this is a screenshot of my cpanel filemanager


where the ct folder holds my laravel project except the public folder which i moved its contents to the public_html folder


and this is a screenshot of my laravel index.php file error1.PNG



Thanks inadvance as i await your reply