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upgrading from classic hosting to cpanel hosting

Hi,  I've been trying to figure out if I still using the classic control panel or if I'm using cpanel.  I can't find anything that says cpanel within my hosting account.  When I click on "hosting" it shows that my plan is called Web Hosting Linux Deluxe.   Also when I search for youtube videos about the GoDaddy cpanel there cpanel pages look totally different than my cpanel pages.   So I guess my question is how do I go about getting access the cpanel and why wasn't this automatically changed when I renewed last December.  According to the main GoDaddy page every new account, no matter the hosting plan,  gets cpanel access.  Is this going to cost me anything to get changed?


cPanel isn't something that can be automatically added to a classic hosting account. You're on classic hosting as long as you keep renewing it. If you want cPanel, you have to purchase new hosting, and migrate the content.


Just about everything about how cPanel hosting works is different than classic hosting, from the database software, to the php handler, to the operating system, to the structure of the file folders, to how resource limits are applied. Most sites move across just fine, but automatically moving customers to something so different would be a disservice. 

Thanks for the reply.  I know automatically upgrading someone could create many problems for someone that doesn't want to upgrade.  I was more leaning forward why we weren't given the option for upgrading before we were charged full price for renewal.  We must get dozen or more emails a month from GoDaddy but we can't get one about updating from our legacy hosting plan to cPanel hosting.  Well, I will probably call GoDaddy and see if they can credit are remaining months toward upgrading.  If it not I guess we will find another hosting company which will probably be cheaper in the long run.  

It is a manual process, but after the migration is complete and in working order you can cancel the legacy plan.  Then let support know if you want store credit or a refund of the remaining time.

Super User II

This article breaks down the various plans, "Web Hosting Linux Deluxe" is a legacy plan that uses Hosting Control Panel.


Changing the account type involves a migration, this guide is for an old offer but if you skip the couple steps about the credit the rest is relevant.