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Re: Responsive design - frameworks

Touche, @D3!

I stand corrected! I did not mean to offend you in any way -- you are definitely an artist and a writer. But I think you know what I meant... maybe I should have used a term such as "graphic designer"???? 

And I'm pretty sure that even though you are quite skilled in writing CODE, when people say "writer" they are usually thinking about those who write for public consumption (customer-facing content, books, short stories, articles, what-not).

But in any case, point well-taken, and I will be sure not to make that lame-brained mistake again ;-)


And in related news, when people ask if I speak other languages, if I'm being a smart-a**, I will reel off a list re: HTML, PHP, and so on -- even if I knew what they meant. My high-school Spanish is pretty rusty after all these years. Come to think of it, same goes for many of the languages I learned in college, such as Pascal, LISP, and COBOL