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In my GoDaddy account, I maintain a primary admin email address with an Online Essentials subscription.  Based on this, it seems that I should have access to the O365 Admin Center.  I have attempted to log in to the O365 Admin Center through the following steps:


1. Log in to with my administrator email credentials.

2. Click on the Admin tile under Apps.


At this point, I am redirected to a site.  Not ideal, but I haven't given up yet.


I then attempted to access the O365 Admin Center through the following steps:


1. From the site, select the Admin dropdown and click Advanced.

2. Select Log In next to Exchange.


This brings me to the Exchange Admin Center, which is great!  Much farther than I was before.  However, it's still not the O365 Admin Center.  Ultimately, my goal is to access the Services and Add-ins page, which I seem to be unable to do.  From the EAC, if I select organizationadd-ins, I see a link at the top of the page that tells me I need to access the Services and Add-ins page, and it's got a link to that page.  Hooray!


I click the link, and I'm met with a 404 error.




This is at the URL


Clearly, GoDaddy is attempting to intercept requests to the Microsoft-specific site (on the O365 Admin Center page), but that page doesn't exist.


Is my subscription not sufficient to access the O365 Admin Center?

Is this a common issue?

Is this expected?

Can I access the O365 Admin Center?


It may seem pedantic, but I need to get to the Centralized Deployment page through this account for testing purposes or having the subscription does me no good.  Since Microsoft is moving toward adoption of Centralized Deployment as the primary add-in deployment method, it seems only logical that this should be accessible to customers who have paid for the service.  In addition to this-- I was able to access the page before!  I have logged in with my GoDaddy administrator account and I'm running into the same issues.


Thanks for reading my wall of text.  Let me know what other info is needed.

I have the same problem accessing the admin panel o365. It's redirecting to . Can't find a solution.

Anything on this GoDaddy? I need to be able to access this area. There are a huge number of features and options that are only accessible here. Why on earth is this locked out? 

I riched GoDaddy Support by phone and... they stopped to work with Microsoft Admin Panel. But Godaddy doesn't give any features in exchange (as shared emails etc.) 

Solution that they gave me is to hire other email provider or stop using Microsoft Admin Panel. Lol

You are going to going to have to get off the GoDaddy 365 tenants and go directly through Microsoft for the full tenant. Their are limitations being on the GoDaddy 365 tenants.

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Hi Everyone. To clarify, there are some instances where you would need to have an account through Microsoft to get a specific feature. However, there's usually a way to get most features within our environment. Some would just need to be escalated to our email team. If you need to get to the EAC, the steps mentioned in @kam5767's post are the best way to do that. If you need to get to Centralized Deployment specifically, that is not available. If it's something else you need access to, reviewing with support is your best option if you can't find a way to do it on your own. 


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Specifically right now I am attempting to do two things:


1. Purchase the paid (9.99/month) version of Power BI licenses. I already have the option for AdHoc subscriptions turned on, but the only place you can purchase Power BI licenses is in This right here is a complete deal breaker for me. If I can't purchase licenses I need to move off of GoDaddy and buy O365 straight from MS.


2. The "Add-Ins" for Outlook and others has moved out of the Exchange admin area into You can kinda hack around it right now, but pretty soon you will not be able to. Want to have any form of Add In for your Microsoft Office products? Looks like you are going to need the area to do it. I can't imagine how this isn't a complete deal breaker for a massive portion of the companies using O365.


I've called support about 4 times now. On the last call they told me it was a bug and they would look at fixing it, but I think he was just confused as to the issue. Others have either been confused, had no idea what I was talking about, or told me it was impossible. Super disappointing as migrating is going to be a nightmare. 

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Hi @Craig218. I was able to confirm that you wouldn't be able to use the paid version of Power BI with the tenant you have with us. If that is a requirement for your Office 365 use, you would need to go through Microsoft directly. As far as I know, this isn't something that will change soon. Sorry Man Sad


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Thank you for the clarification. If possible, please pass some feedback along to the decision makers for me. Being unable to use Power BI or any other Microsoft subscription service along with being unable to use tenant level Add-Ins is ridiculous. The fact that it is even considered remotely acceptable for this situation to exist is nothing short of mind blowing. It's going to be a time consuming pain to move both of our tenants off of the GoDaddy platform, but with this utterly ridiculous restriction I have no other choice. I have no idea how Microsoft allows one of their partners to behave this way.