Accessing O365 Admin Console | 404 error

Hi team,


In my GoDaddy account, I maintain a primary admin email address with an Online Essentials subscription.  Based on this, it seems that I should have access to the O365 Admin Center.  I have attempted to log in to the O365 Admin Center through the following steps:


1. Log in to with my administrator email credentials.

2. Click on the Admin tile under Apps.


At this point, I am redirected to a site.  Not ideal, but I haven't given up yet.


I then attempted to access the O365 Admin Center through the following steps:


1. From the site, select the Admin dropdown and click Advanced.

2. Select Log In next to Exchange.


This brings me to the Exchange Admin Center, which is great!  Much farther than I was before.  However, it's still not the O365 Admin Center.  Ultimately, my goal is to access the Services and Add-ins page, which I seem to be unable to do.  From the EAC, if I select organizationadd-ins, I see a link at the top of the page that tells me I need to access the Services and Add-ins page, and it's got a link to that page.  Hooray!


I click the link, and I'm met with a 404 error.




This is at the URL


Clearly, GoDaddy is attempting to intercept requests to the Microsoft-specific site (on the O365 Admin Center page), but that page doesn't exist.


Is my subscription not sufficient to access the O365 Admin Center?

Is this a common issue?

Is this expected?

Can I access the O365 Admin Center?


It may seem pedantic, but I need to get to the Centralized Deployment page through this account for testing purposes or having the subscription does me no good.  Since Microsoft is moving toward adoption of Centralized Deployment as the primary add-in deployment method, it seems only logical that this should be accessible to customers who have paid for the service.  In addition to this-- I was able to access the page before!  I have logged in with my GoDaddy administrator account and I'm running into the same issues.


Thanks for reading my wall of text.  Let me know what other info is needed.