Specifically right now I am attempting to do two things:


1. Purchase the paid (9.99/month) version of Power BI licenses. I already have the option for AdHoc subscriptions turned on, but the only place you can purchase Power BI licenses is in admin.microsoft.com. This right here is a complete deal breaker for me. If I can't purchase licenses I need to move off of GoDaddy and buy O365 straight from MS.


2. The "Add-Ins" for Outlook and others has moved out of the Exchange admin area into admin.microsoft.com. You can kinda hack around it right now, but pretty soon you will not be able to. Want to have any form of Add In for your Microsoft Office products? Looks like you are going to need the admin.microsoft.com area to do it. I can't imagine how this isn't a complete deal breaker for a massive portion of the companies using O365.


I've called support about 4 times now. On the last call they told me it was a bug and they would look at fixing it, but I think he was just confused as to the issue. Others have either been confused, had no idea what I was talking about, or told me it was impossible. Super disappointing as migrating is going to be a nightmare.