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HTTP status: 302 - Found & Daily Cache Flushing

Can someone please help me!?


After numerous chats and conversations with support I a still no closer to fixing this problem.


Quick history/background: bought domain name years ago via Google/Blogger. Years later moved website to GoDaddy as previous host crashed and wasn't doing back-ups.


So I have two GoDaddy accounts; 1 with domain accessed via Gsuite (reseller account? and other with GoDaddy (managed Wordpress). Why this wasn't sorted when I moved I don't know.


Had a few issues now & then but on the whole the site has worked fine with no tweaks required.


So on 10th or 12th December my site was down. I chatted to an agent who had to fix the DNS/IP settings because there was an error showing in settings via managed wordpress screen.


Site went back up but has since been going down on almost a nightly basis and Uptrends (and another monitoring site) says that it is a 302 error.


Everytime I have to flush the cache in Wordpress to get it back online. This is not ideal especially if happening multiple times and most often, in the night when I am asleep.


This is happening daily now. Support always say they can't replicate it and I need to contact them before flushing cache (not great when you are waking up at 5am worrying if your site you paid for hosting is up or down). Supposed to be enjoying the festive holidays but here I am on a forum, chatting with support and awake in the early hours wondering if my site is online or not.


Last agent thought it was a redirection plugin maybe - definitely not as a) never been a problem and b) de-activated it last night and guess what, site went down about 2:30am.


Does anyone know what the issue is? Tried downloading an error monitoring plugin but that didn't work (couldn't load log screen) and I'm really not into editing .php  or config files as I don't want to mess the site up more.


I just want someone in technical support to really look at this for me instead of fobbing me off with plugin issues that have never been a problem since the changes in December.