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No way to add meta tags in GoCentral.   Not a big deal though being the meta keyword tag no longer carries the weight it once did back in the day.  Being you are "the artist republic" you will most likely have that peppered enough throughout your site for the search engines to know that's you. 😉


You are off to a great start!  Here are some thoughts I had while traveling through your site...


=> I would suggest you remove anything that is "coming soon" (resources,shop).  That just gives the perception you are not ready or organized enough to launch.   You can mention those areas or ideas in other content on your site. 


And then use the additions to the site as an excuse for a blog post, update email or notice. 


=> Did not see anywhere to sign-up for updates of new blog posts or a newsletter.  You'll want to add that too.


=> You have blog posts but Blog in the top menu goes to a blank page. (?) 


=> One of your videos on the home page is "unavailable". 


=> I would change Bio in the top menu to "Our Vision".  Makes more sense.


=> On the About Us page, you are such an experienced, passionate and talented group of folks that I would recommend having just a sentence or two on that page, and then link over to another more detailed individual page for each of you where you can have more photos and really talk about why you are doing The Artist Republic.  


When each writes their bio, it is always more effective to write it in the first person. Throw in a dash of personal stuff too with more photos/images. This approach allows visitors to relate to you and fell they know you better. Third person just sounds to stringent and "corporatey" for creatives.


HTH!  Good luck with your new site! 😉


"Be a voice. Not an echo." ~ Anon

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