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Education and Government Domain Names

Educate the masses with the right extension.

If your business is in the government or education sector, you might think there’s not a great extension for your website. Fortunately, we have dozens of options, and one of them might just be perfect for your budding project.

From public to private and everywhere in between.

Class is in session.
Getting an education is one of the ways that people can better themselves. But finding the right school can be a challenge, whether you’re a parent searching for your child or a student going to college. If you’re an institution of learning, one way to get out there is to use a domain extension that expresses your qualifications. It used to be that you didn’t have many choices. Today, that’s definitely not the case.
Your school stands out. So should your domain.
Traditional options are great, but if you want to grab someone’s attention, a unique domain extension is the way to go. If your school’s name ends with “University,” then a .university domain extension is perfect. Do you do private work teaching kids how to do better in school? Then .training or .study might be right up your alley. By picking a domain extension that’s different from the rest, your school will rise to the front of the class.
No teacher? No problem.
Don’t worry. Finding a domain with a different extension is easier than homeroom freshman year. Just search for the name you want and add the extension you prefer, and away you go. What about if one domain extension isn’t just right? No big deal. Pick up a few different options and point them all to the same website. Then you can get the best of both worlds, and still stand head and shoulders above the rest.