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Health and Science Domain Names

We know science. All kinds of it.

Competition on the internet is fierce, and that .com domain you’ve dreamed of may already be taken. But if you have a health- or science-related site in mind, fear not: We have dozens of unique domain extensions available right now. It lets your idea evolve into a superior online presence. And who doesn’t want that?

Extensions made for people in the health and science industry.

Connect with doctors around the world.
There are medical professionals located worldwide, and since some of them use their name as their calling card, it can be hard for patients to figure out which one they want. Put yourself out there with a .doctor domain extension and share your proficiency for all the world to see. Or if you run a hospital, .hospital is the perfect domain extension for you.
For scholars and professionals alike.
Some doctors never leave school, while others go off and start a different kind of career. We have domain extensions that satisfy both of those needs, with .academy, .education and .mba for doctors in the educational field, and .healthcare, .surgery and .rehab for the rest. And it’s always a good thing to have options.
Specialists rejoice.
If you’re a specialist in your field, then you should want to be one on the internet, too. Dentists can let the world know of their chosen profession with a .dentist or .dental domain, as can surgeons with .surgery. Not only will that help bolster your brand, but it also builds credibility with your potential patients. That’s something everyone can get behind.