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Regional Domain Names

Put your domain on the map with the right extension.

A regional domain does what no other web address can do: Tell visitors where you are. It lets you talk to your customers in their own language, which sets it apart from the rest. And, better yet, it’s different.

Talk to the world like you’re from their hometown.

Go beyond the norm.
Traditional domain names are based on ASCII characters — the symbols that make up the English alphabet. But what if your audience lives in a country that uses an umlaut? Or one that doesn’t use ASCII characters at all? By getting the right domain extension and an IDN, you can make your website feel like their home.
Live in their country.
Some domain extensions are specific to a country or region. If you’re based there, or sell to people in that area, then having that domain extension can help build trust between you and your audience. And that can be the difference you need to make a true connection.
Get extra points for creativity.
But there is another option. Say you just want to use your domain extension as a literal extension of your name. Regional domain extensions can work extremely well in those scenarios, which can add to your brand in the long run.