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Social Domain Names

Get social in the most international way possible.

It used to be that social networking was two people sitting at a table, but now it’s all kinds of communication. Having a domain that’s as social as you are can give your business a leg up on the competition, and that’s where these domains have an edge. If you want to be social, then these are the extensions for you.

Make friends everywhere.

The fun domain extensions you’ve been looking for.
Ever wondered why there weren’t any exciting domain extensions available? Wonder no more. Pick from .fun, .rocks or .social if those tickle your fancy, or go more general with .chat or .blog for your newest project. Of course there are fun domain extensions. This is the internet, after all.
Keep it in the .family
Social domain extensions are the ones that are personal. Express your feelings with .faith, .chat or .buzz, or get literal with .social on your site. Meet your future soulmate with your .date or .love website, then plan your marriage on a .wedding site so that all of your friends can tune in.
Be the place where people meet.
Whether you have a business or just want to start an online trend, having the right domain can make or break your opportunities. By picking a social domain extension, you broaden your reach and stand out from the crowd instead of blending into the background. And who wants that?