Advanced Email Security

Get the protection you need. Send secure email, receive email securely.


‪90%‬ of all online threats originate through email attachments.*

That’s scary — even more so because small businesses like yours are increasingly becoming the target of attacks. Hackers steal sensitive data and they send malware, ransomware, phishing links, and other threats directly to you via email. Why? They think that because you’re a small business you’re an easy target.

Here’s how you prove them wrong.

For as little as C$6.99 per month, GoDaddy’s Advanced Email Security protects your business from data and security breaches — no hardware or software required. And best of all, it works on both inbound and outbound email traffic, for total email security.

Choose the Advanced Email Security plan that’s for you.
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Send secure email:
  1. On-demand and policy-based encryption reduces data loss by auto-encrypting outbound email containing confidential information.
  2. Outbound filtering protects your reputation by blocking outbound spam, viruses and malicious links from reaching your customers’ inbox.
  3. Advanced Content Filtering can alert you and/or prevent sensitive information from leaving your business.
Receive secure email:
  1. Powerful anti-virus protection blocks all known viruses before they reach your network.
  2. Targeted attack defense prevents downloading infected email attachments.
  3. URL-targeted attack defense prevents phishing scams that contain malicious links.
  4. Plus, you get on-demand content filtering to enforce email communication policies, disaster recovery to maintain access to email during downtime, zero hour protection against new virus variant releases, and more

Email security, explained.

While most site owners aren't aware of these email-born threats, we are —
and we protect you against each one of them. Such as…

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