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About .PLUS domains

Donuts is the sponsor and backend provider for the .PLUS extension.

Who can register .PLUS domains?

Anyone can register .PLUS domain names on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration restrictions

When registering a .PLUS domain, you must follow specific requirements.

  • Must use: 1-63 characters
  • Can use: Letters (a-z characters), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (except in the 3rd or 4th characters of the domain name)
  • Cannot use: Special characters (e.g., & and #)
  • IDNs: Supported



For details on refunds, see our refund policy. Most domains will follow the Standard Refund Terms, but certain domains may have exceptions or may not be refundable at all. Review the information under Products with Special Refund Terms > Domain Name Registrations/Renewals and Products Not Eligible for Refunds.

Nameserver requirements

  • Must use: 1-13 nameservers
  • Can use: DNSSEC, IPv4, IPV6

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