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Configure my website monitoring

Website Security provides several different website monitors that will notify you by email if something looks wrong with your site. When you set up your Website Security, you'll want to review and configure the Monitoring Types to make the most of your website protection.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Under Website Security and Backups, select Manage next to the Website Security account you want to manage.
  3. From the navigation menu, select Settings.
  4. Choose the monitors you want and how frequently you want them to scan your site. For frequency, you can choose Daily or Every 12 hours. Malware + Blacklist cannot be disabled. DNS, SSL and Uptime monitoring can be enabled or disabled.
    Monitoring Types

Each monitor protects your site in a different way.

Monitor Description
Malware Monitoring Malware Monitoring identifies website defacements, phishing attempts, backdoors and more on your site. We'll notify you if anything happens to your website.
Blacklist Monitoring There are a number of blacklisting authorities that monitor for malware, SPAM, and phishing attempts. Our monitoring automatically checks blacklist APIs and ensures you’ll know when your site is blacklisted by: Sucuri, Google, Norton, AVG, Phish Tank, McAfee SiteAdvisor and others.
DNS Monitoring This monitors the IP address of your website, nameservers and MX records. It’s rare for this information to change, but if it does we'll notify you.
SSL Monitoring An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a certificate on the website that allows encryption of information between the client to the server. If your site uses an SSL certificate, it is important to know the status of the certificate in order to keep your customer’s information safe. It’s rare that your SSL certificate will change, but if it does, you will be notified.
Uptime We'll notify you if your site responds with an error or a timeout.

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