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Update customer support options for my reseller storefront

In the Reseller Control Center, update the account Support Options to determine how your customers receive communications and support for any issues.

Note: Customer support and outreach services are currently available in English only.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Settings, select Support Options.
    Select Support Options
  3. Edit the following options:
    • Default Market: Select your preferred country and language.
    • Customer Support: Decide whether you want GoDaddy to provide customer support or if you'll handle support issues yourself. If you're handling your own support, let customers know how to reach you by adding your phone, email, and/or contact URL.
    • Contact Preferences: Enter a Contact Email to appear on your storefront and in branded newsletters and customer communications, and opt-in for event notifications and updates.
    • About Your Business: In 300 characters or less, explain what makes your business amazing so we can best assist your customers when they call in for support or product purchases.
    • Customer Outreach: Welcome customers onboard, or call to thank them for renewing services. Check the box to allow GoDaddy to call customers on your behalf, under your business name.
  4. Select Save to apply your changes.

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