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About voucher statuses

When creating vouchers with PDF Product Vouchers, a voucher can be in one of five statuses. Learn more about what each status indicates and why.

Required: PDF Product Vouchers is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.


Once the voucher product is ordered, a pending voucher is created. A pending voucher cannot be redeemed and the PDF voucher hasn't been generated.


When the order containing the voucher product is moved to a paid order status, the voucher will generate and the voucher status will update to active. This status indicates the voucher is ready and can be redeemed at any time.

The voucher purchaser will receive an email and can log into My Account > Vouchers to download the voucher PDF.

If a voucher recipient email was specified in the single-purpose voucher template or multi-purpose voucher template, an email containing the generated voucher PDF will also be sent to the recipient at this time. Active vouchers may be partially or fully redeemed.


Once a voucher has been fully redeemed (i.e. there’s no remaining value), the status will change from “Active” to “Redeemed”. Partially redeemed vouchers will stay in the "Active" voucher status.


Vouchers can be voided to prevent the remaining voucher value from being used by a customer. A voided voucher cannot be redeemed further once it's voided.

Refunding an order doesn’t automatically update the voucher status from active to voided. You will need to ensure a voucher is voided when you've refunded the order where the voucher was purchased.


If you set an expiration date in the voucher template, then a voucher will expire automatically based on that date. An expired voucher cannot be redeemed. If no expiration date is set, the voucher expiration will be set to "Never".

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