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WordPress Help

Add content to my WordPress page

Step 3 of the Get started with WordPress series.

Use modular elements called blocks to add content to your WordPress page. There are different types of blocks that correspond to different types of content. Here's how to add content blocks to your site.

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. In the left-side menu, select Pages.
  3. Hover over the page you want to edit and then select Edit.
  4. In the upper-left corner, select +.
  5. In the left-side menu, choose the type of block you want to add. For example, if you want to add a block of text, select Paragraph, and if you want to add a photo, select Image.
  6. Add content to that block and then select Update.

Repeat these steps to add content to all your pages.

More info

  • To remove a content block from your page, select the block you want to delete, select the button in WordPress menu, and then select Remove block. Don't forget to select Update to save your changes.
  • Get to know the WordPress Block Editor.