GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal Help

Add products with the Catalog app (beta)

Add products to the GoDaddy Payments product catalog that's connected to your GoDaddy smart terminal. Then, use the products to easily build orders and process transactions.

The steps below cover how to add products on your smart terminal with the beta version of the Catalog app (says Beta on the Catalog icon). If you’re not using the beta Catalog app, check out our info for adding products using the original Catalog app.

Note: Access to the beta version of the app is currently limited, and will expand to all merchants later this year.
  1. On your smart terminal home page, tap Catalog (Beta).
  2. Create a new product catalog if you’d like, or use the existing catalog.
  3. Optional: To create categories where you can bundle similar products together (for example, Shirts or Dresses), tap Categories, then tap Add Category.
    • To create a new category from scratch: Tap Create New. Add a Name, Short Code and Tile Color, and tap Add Products to assign existing products that you’ve created. Tap Tax, Discount or Fee if you want to apply them at the category level. Finally, tap Add Category to create the new category.
    • To use an existing category as your template: Tap From Existing and select the category you want to use. Tap Add Category to create a cloned version of the category, that already includes the same parameters. (Products do not carry over.)
  4. From the Products section of the Catalog app, tap Add Product.
  5. Enter a Name, Short Code, Price, SKU and UPC, and associate it with a Category (optional). If you want to enter a custom price during each transaction, turn on the Custom Price toggle.
  6. Tap Change Color to customize the way the item appears in your product list.
  7. To track product inventory, turn on the Track Inventory toggle and enter the item quantity, set low inventory alerts and/or enable backorders.
    Note: If you already have a product catalog through Websites + Marketing where you’re tracking inventory, you can sync them together to track inventory counts through both online and in-person sales.
  8. If you’d like to customize the product price (for example, adding prices for different sizes), tap Add Modifiers.
    • To create a new modifier from scratch: Tap Create New. Add a Name and adjust the Options fields as you’d like, then tap Add to Product.
    • To add an existing modifier: Tap From Existing and select the modifier you want to use. Tap Add to Product.
    • Product modifiers options
  9. Tap Tax, Discount or Fee if you want to apply them at the product level.
  10. Tap Add Product.

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