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Back up my email, messages, or contacts data

Backing up your data is a great proactive step you can take to ensure that you won't lose everything in any catastrophic or unforeseen event. It's kind of like insurance for your home or car. We offer several options for saving your data.

Email Archiving

If you need to have a backup of all your data, for regulatory or compliance reasons, check out Email Archiving for Microsoft 365. This add-on must be added to all mailboxes in your organization.

Email Backup

If you're looking for a solution that's robust, but you don't need to worry about any regulatory compliance, check out the Email Backup add-on for Microsoft 365. You can add Email Backup to individual mailboxes without having to add it to the entire organization.

Save your Outlook email data yourself, locally

If you're using Outlook for your email client, no matter which email service you're using, you can always create a backup file of your local email data.

For more information on creating a backup in Outlook, see the Microsoft article: Export or back up messages, calendar, tasks, and contacts.

Create a copy of your Workspace Webmail inbox

If you're using Workspace Webmail, you can use the nature of POP3 email setup to create a copy of all your inbox contents.

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