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Create custom firewall rules

GoDaddy experts can add or remove rules to your software firewall iptables. These rules can do things like, block IP addresses, block ping requests, close ports, or mitigate SYN attacks.

Note: To learn more about this service call (480) 463-8824.

Software Firewall Rules Details

Note: This service is already included for Fully Managed Servers.

GoDaddy can create software firewall rules for you in 24 hours. There's a fee for each rule we add or remove.

Included with this service

GoDaddy will add or remove specific rules you define to your software firewall iptables. This service applies to Linux virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Firewall rules affect all sites on the server.


  • Block an IP address
  • Block ping requests
  • Close ports with iptables
  • Close a port only for a specific IP
  • Mitigate SYN attacks
  • Remove an IP table rule

GoDaddy Expert Services

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