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This article covers a legacy product no longer available to new customers.

Build connections with your customers by letting them subscribe to marketing email, including sales alerts, promotional events or newsletters. Email marketing campaigns can then increase your site's traffic.

This video is Lesson 17 of the How-To series for Getting Started with Email Marketing.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Open your site.
    • For Websites + Marketing: Scroll down to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to the website you want to change.
    • For Digital Marketing: Scroll down to Online Marketing and select Manage next to the site you want to change.
  3. Open your email marketing area.
    • For Websites + Marketing: On your Dashboard, expand Marketing, and then select Email Marketing.
    • For Digital Marketing: On your Dashboard, select Email Marketing, and then Campaigns.
  4. Select Compose or Compose Campaign.
  5. Select a template to get started.
    choose a template
  6. Name your email so you can find it later. This is not the subject line, but more like a file name.
  7. Use the various toolbars to add elements such text, pictures, titles, and buttons.
  8. The right panel displays images used on your site, which you can drag to the banner or body of your marketing email. Or you can upload new images.
    drag images into template
  9. When you're done creating your marketing email, select Continue.
  10. Use the Recipients tab to enter email addresses or choose a contact list. Select Continue.
  11. Use the Details tab to customize the From name, From email and subject line. Choose to enable or disable link tracking, view tracking and social sharing. When everything looks good, select Send. If you want to schedule the mailing for another time, select Send later and follow the prompts.
  12. You'll see one more confirmation. Save, cancel or select Looks good. Send it!

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