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Basic & Pro Reseller Help

Get to know the Reseller Control Center

Welcome to the Reseller Control Center! Let's take a quick tour of the resources, features and functions available to customize and optimize your reseller storefront.


The dashboard is the homepage for your Reseller Control Center. Select Dashboard to review the following items:

  • Links to news, blog posts, upcoming webinars, and other items of interest
  • Customer support contact info
  • Direct link to your storefront
  • Quick snapshots of your metrics and sales
  • Link to the Reseller Resource Portal (image assets, videos and general documentation)


Select Reports to access your reseller storefront reporting. This is also where you can request delegate access to help customers manage their accounts.

Report topics include:

  • Commission earnings from your storefront over time, broken down by customer and/or product
  • Your commission payment history, including payment amounts and dates
  • Upcoming renewal dates and amounts for your customers’ products
  • Metrics for different promotions you’re running or that you’ve opted in to
  • Monthly sales comparison charts
  • Customer lookup and purchase history
  • Domain lookup, domain registration, and pending domain transfers through your storefront


Select Storefront for tools to strengthen your storefront branding.


Want to add a discount or sale? Or maybe it's a good time to increase a price or two! Select Products to adjust your product pricing.


Your customers are great… so reward them! Select Marketing to set up promotions for your customers.

  • Create custom promotional codes to distribute to your customers.
  • Opt-in to existing promotions.
  • Enable product cross-sell suggestions, which offer additional related products to your customers during checkout.
  • Link to the Reseller Resource Portal for image assets, videos, and other ideas to help market your store.


Everything else lives here! Select Settings to fine-tune the basics of your storefront, including your company name and domain, storefront navigation menu, and customer support options.