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GoDaddy Airo™

Note: We’re rolling GoDaddy Airo™ out to all customers who buy a domain through GoDaddy. If it's not available in your region yet, watch for future updates.

GoDaddy Airo™ is currently included with every new GoDaddy domain purchase. Using artificial intelligence, it crafts a customized website for you; provides you with a choice of ready-made logos, social media posts and online ads; sets up your email address and designs email marketing campaign templates for you. If you’re in the US, it also helps you register a free Limited Liability Company (note that there will likely be some state and/or local filing fees associated with your filing, which will be determined during the filing process).

Get answers to frequently asked questions about GoDaddy Airo™ such as:

  • How do I get GoDaddy Airo™?
  • What can I do with GoDaddy Airo™?
  • Why should I use GoDaddy Airo™?
  • What if I don't want to use AI?
  • How do I get back to GoDaddy Airo™?

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