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GoDaddy Social end of support

After March 31, the platform and technology for GoDaddy Social plans will no longer receive support. As a result, these plans will need to be upgraded to our latest platform. Our team has been focused on building the same capabilities and services on the new platform to be able to give all our customers a better service experience with improved features and services.

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Why am I being asked to upgrade my platform?

This upgrade allows us to provide you with a better service experience. As part of the upgrade, we'll move your account to a new and improved platform that gives you more visibility into the work we're doing for you and access to real-time reporting on your online performance.

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Will it cost me anything?

Changes in cost will depend on your current GoDaddy Social plan. To understand how your monthly price might change, please call (888) 900-0920.

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Will anything change about my service plan?

We'll continue to manage your social media marketing and reputation platforms. Additional changes will depend on the plan you're currently using. If you're on our Reputation Management, Starter, Value or Prime plan, you'll continue to receive the same services and, in some cases, more than what you currently receive.

If you're on our Starter, Value, or Prime plan, your plan now includes social ad campaigns and spend on Facebook and Instagram. Your team will craft a campaign based on your goals to more effectively market your business and drive online growth.

The site you use to request content, provide feedback, and understand the work we’re doing on your behalf will change. You'll now sign in to to access your account and dashboard.

Your billing date will change based on when your plan is upgraded in the new system.

Lastly, your plan name will change. Instead of GoDaddy Social, you’ll find Marketing Services – Premium or Reputation Management on your monthly bill and other emails you receive about your service.

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Will my service be interrupted?

No, your service will not be interrupted if you upgrade before April 1. You'll continue receiving the same services today while we set up your account on the new platform. Once that's complete and you're on the new platform, we'll remove your account and data from the legacy platform. Your team and services won't miss a beat.

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If I already have a social ad campaign, will it continue running while my plan is getting upgraded?

Yes, any ads currently running for your business will continue to run.

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How will this improve my business?

You'll continue to receive all the services you're currently getting to help your business grow. Additionally, you'll now have more visibility into the work your team is doing on your behalf and your online performance. If you aren't already taking advantage of our social ad services, they'll now be included and are proven to drive key business results like traffic and page views.

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What happens if I choose not to upgrade my plan?

Because there'll no longer be support for the platform your account is on, we'll have to discontinue all legacy services after March 31.

If you have GoDaddy Social site, we can move you into a Websites + Marketing plan at around the same price. This'll ensure your site stays up and running, but instead of us making updates and changes to it, you'd now have to do that yourself in the Websites + Marketing dashboard. If you want your site moved to Websites + Marketing, call (888) 900-0920.

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Will my account team change?

No, your account team will not change. In fact, the support for your business is improving. You'll continue to primarily work with your current Account Manager, who'll also be supported by an expert team of other skilled Account Managers. This allows us to take care of your needs more quickly in the event your primary Account Manager isn't immediately available.

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Will I still be able to contact

No, this email will no longer be monitored after March 31. If you've already upgraded to a Marketing Services plan and need assistance, call (480) 651-9704 or text (480) 660-0600. If you haven’t upgraded yet, call (888) 900-0920.

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How can I access my platforms after my services are discontinued?

If you do not intend to migrate and are unsure how to access your platforms, call (480) 651-9203 before April 30, 2023.

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