How to install Drupal 8 beta on cPanel hosting

Drupal is a PHP-based open source content management system designed for creating performant, highly customized, and feature-rich websites. Drupal works best on a server running Linux, and can be installed on cPanel powered Linux installations. These directions are for installing Drupal 8 beta via the Linux command line.

DIFFICULTY Basic - 1 | Medium - 2 | Advanced - 3
TIME REQUIRED 15-30+ min
RELATED PRODUCTS Linux-based VPS or dedicated servers

During this tutorial for installing Drupal 8 beta via command line on cPanel hosting via SSH, we’ll complete three basic activities:

  1. Copy and extract Drupal 8 beta files
  2. Create MySQL database in cPanel
  3. Install Drupal 8 via web browser

Copy and extract Drupal 8 beta files

Using the command line, navigate to the web directory for your domain

# cd ~/public_html

Download the archive for Drupal 8 Beta 2 from

# wget

Extract the files from the archive

# tar-zxvf drupal-8.0.0-beta2.tar.gz

Rename the Drupal 8 beta directory

To make the beta directory easier to remember, rename the directory by doing the following:

# mv drupal-8.0.0-beta2 drupal8

Create MySQL database in cPanel

Click MySQL databases under ‘Databases’ in cPanel

Create a database

Enter new database name under ‘New Database’ and click ‘Create Database’

Add a database user

Scroll down below the ‘New Database’ box in the previous step, enter a secure username and password for your new database user (generate a random password with the ‘password generator’) and make a temporary note of the credentials.

Click create user

Associate your new database user with your new database

Click the add button to start the association process.

Then select the ‘ALL PRIVILEGES’ checkbox and click ‘Make Changes’

Install Drupal 8 via web browser

Start the installation process

Navigate to

Connect Drupal to your database

Follow the instructions on the screen, and when you come to the Database Configuration page, enter your MySQL database credentials.

Wait for Drupal 8 to install...

Finalizing your installation

Enter final final details for logging into your new Drupal 8 Beta installation.

You’re in business!

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