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List my domain on GoDaddy Auctions®

Listing your domain on GoDaddy Auctions® gives you the option to purchase additional upgrades like featuring your domain on the GoDaddy Auctions® home page. You can go back and edit your listing if you need to make changes. Domains expiring within the next 90 days, inactive domain names, and international domains can’t be listed.

  1. Go to the GoDaddy Auctions® page and log in to your account. (Need help logging in? Find your username or password.)
    select domain
  2. Select List a Domain.
  3. select list a domain
  4. Under List a Domain, enter the domain you’re listing on GoDaddy Auctions®, then enter it again to confirm.
  5. Choose your Listing Type from the dropdown menu.
    • Offer/Counter Offer
    • Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now
    • Buy Now only
    • 7-day Public auction
  6. Add details for your listing type.
    • Set the price or purchase a reserve price (the lowest price you’ll accept) for your domain:
      • Offer/Counter Offer: Enter the minimum offer you’ll accept.
      • Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now: Enter the minimum offer you’ll accept, and the price to buy the domain.
      • Buy Now only: Enter the price you’ll accept to buy the domain now.
      • 7-day Public auction: Enter the starting bid amount, Reserve price (this amount must be met for your listing to sell), and the Auction end hour.
    • Select the Categories you want your domain listed in. You receive one free category with your listing in dropdown #1 and can purchase up to four additional categories in dropdowns #2-5.
    • Select any optional settings for your listing.
      • Includes a Website: Select this option to include your current, live website in the sale of the domain. When selected, a link to the website displays in your listing. We don’t facilitate website content delivery.
      • Contains Adult Content: Select this option if your website contains adult content. We don’t facilitate website content delivery.
      • Description:Enter a description of the domain you’re listing. If you have traffic data, you can add it to the description.
  7. Increase domain visibility by purchasing the feature to show your listing on the Home Page or Category Page. Your domain will only be displayed on the home page for the duration of the listing type. To add this feature to an existing listing, try deleting it and relisting the domain.
  8. Select how you’ll receive payments.
  9. Select that you have read and agree to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement, the GoDaddy Auctions® Membership Agreement, and the pricing structure for GoDaddy Auctions®.
  10. Select Finish, or select Create Another Listing to list more domains.

It can take up to 72 hours for GoDaddy Auctions® to activate your listing. If your domain isn’t registered to your GoDaddy account, your domain ownership will have to be verified first. You can speed up your domain ownership approval time by adding a TXT record to your domain.

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