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Managed WooCommerce Stores

Managed WooCommerce Stores gives you the flexibility of WordPress and the power of WooCommerce for a complete online commerce experience. But what's the best way to get started? We've got two paths for you:

Managed WooCommerce Stores eLearning course

A great way to get your store up and running is to check out our Managed WooCommerce Stores eLearning tutorial. The course unpacks how to use Managed WooCommerce Stores e-commerce tools to showcase and sell your physical or digital products. We'll teach you the basics, and once you're ready to go live, we'll make sure you're ready to process that first transaction.

WooCommerce setup article series

Already know your way around WordPress? Maybe all you need is to dive right in to setting up your WooCommerce store with our Configure WooCommerce General Settings article series. We'll walk you through basic store information, managing and shipping your products, calculating taxes and more.

Note: To get the most out of this article series, you should already be familiar with the WordPress Dashboard.

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