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Managing discount pricing for my Reseller customers

In your Pro or Basic Reseller account, you can enable or disable discount pricing for specific customers. Discount pricing lets customers, such as family members or business partners, purchase products and services for prices less than your retail rates.

To Manage Discount Pricing for Your Reseller Customers

  1. Log in to the Reseller Control Center.
  2. Go to the Reports tab.
  3. From the Customers menu, select Customer Lookup.
  4. Enter search criteria to find the customers you want to manage discount pricing for, and then click Look Up Customers.

    Note: To display all results for your search criteria, leave the For field blank.

  5. Select the customer name to view the customer dashboard.
  6. Select or deselect the box in the Discount Pricing column to toggle discount pricing.

    Note: You do not earn commissions on purchases that discount shoppers make.

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