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Save my fax history

It's been a good run, but it's time to say goodbye to Fax Thru Email. While it's being discontinued, you can save your incoming and outgoing fax history so you have a record of their statuses.

  1. Sign in to Fax Thru Email.
  2. Select History to see your entire history.
  3. Copy and paste the fax history into a spreadsheet (like Excel or Google Sheets).
  4. Save your fax history to your computer or the location of your choice.
  5. Note: You can also screenshot your fax history and save it to your computer or location of your choice. We recommend copy and pasting into a spreadsheet because it's more search-friendly in that format.

You can choose to sort your fax history list by status before you copy and paste it. Go to the Show drop-down list. Then select the criteria you want to sort by: all, sent, received, or blocked.

We advise that you to save the fax status key. This will remind you of the statuses of your faxes even after Fax Thru Email is gone.

Incoming faxes display the following statuses:

  • Successful: fax received and forwarded
  • Failed: not forwarded due to account status
  • Blocked: not forwarded due to sending number being blacklisted
  • Note: Faxes sent from a number on your Blacklist are blocked. The status displays as blocked, zero minutes, and zero pages. Toll-free accounts are not charged for blocked transmissions.

Outgoing faxes display the following statuses:

  • Pending: starting transmission process
  • Failed: failed to send
  • Sending: task accepted and passed to fax server for transmission
  • Partial: fax in process and the remaining portion of the fax is in queue to be sent
  • Incomplete: partial transmission sent, ending in error
  • Complete: fax sent successfully

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