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Sell domains with GoDaddy in a 7-Day Public Auction

GoDaddy Auctions® lets you list your domain name for sale in a 7-Day Public Auction.

You set the asking price, which is the minimum starting bid buyers can enter for the domain name. Potential buyers make bids, and the highest bidder wins when the auction ends. You can also set a reserve price so the domain name sells only if the winning bid meets a threshold.

Note: Potential buyers cannot see the reserve price, but they can see that you've set one and if anyone has met it.

For more information about your listing options, see Listing types for GoDaddy Auctions®.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Auctions account.
  2. From the top menu, select List a Domain. The List a Domain page displays.
  3. Note: If you have not added at least one payment type in your GoDaddy Auctions account, an Account Not Found message displays. Click OK to go to the My Settings page. See Edit your GoDaddy Auctions® account settings for instructions on adding a payment type. When finished, click List a Domain to return to the List Your Domain page.

  4. In the Domain name and Confirm domain name fields, enter the domain name you want to list.
  5. From Listing Type, select 7-Day Public Auction.
  6. In the Add Listing Details section, complete the following:
    • Starting Bid Amount — Enter the minimum starting bid in USD. You must enter at least $20.

      Note: To list your domain name for more than $50,000, you must use a Offer/Counter Offer listing type. For more information, see Selling domains with Offer/Counter Offer or Buy Now Listings.

    • Optional: Add Reserve Price — To sell the domain name only if winning bid meets a threshold, select this option, and then enter the minimum amount you’ll accept in USD.
    • Select Auction End Hour — Select the time range in which you want the auction to end.
    • Category — Select the categories you want your domain name listed in.

      Note: You receive one free category with your listing, and you can purchase four additional categories for an additional fee.

    • Optional: Includes a Web Site — Select this option to include your current, live website in the sale of the domain name. When selected, a link to the website displays in your listing.
    • Optional: Contains Adult Content — Select this option if your website contains adult content.
    • Optional: Description — Enter a description for the domain name you are listing. If you have traffic data for the domain name, you can add it to the description.
  7. Optional: In the Increase Visibility section, you can increase your domain name's exposure with following upgrades:
    • Make My listing a Home Page Feature — Select to list your domain name in the Feature Listings section of the Auctions home page.
    • Make My Listing a Category Page Feature — Select to list your domain name in the Category Listings section on the corresponding Category page.
  8. In the Receiving Payments section, do one of the following:
  9. In the Agreements section, select that you have read and agree to all relevant agreements, as well as the new pricing structure for GoDaddy Auctions.
  10. Click Finish to proceed to the checkout, or click Create Another Listing to list another domain name before checking out.

    Note: If you did not select any upgrade options and you already have a GoDaddy Auctions membership, you do not need to proceed to the checkout to complete your listing.

It can take up to 72 hours for GoDaddy Auctions to activate your listing.