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Update existing account settings in Apple Mail

If you have already set up an email account in Apple Mail, you can make changes to the account settings, any time you need. If you’re having trouble receiving or sending mail, it’s a good idea to double check all the settings against your log in information and your Email Setup Center Email Server Settings.

  1. In Apple Mail, under Inbox, select the mailbox you want to change.
  2. Click the cog underneath the list of mailboxes, and select Edit "[your email address]"…
  3. Under the Account Information tab you can edit:
    • Email Address
    • User Name (your full Workspace Email address)
    • Password
    • Incoming and Outgoing server addresses which can be viewed here.
  4. Under Advanced you can edit your security (SSL) settings and port settings.
  5. Close the Accounts window, and click Save when prompted.

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