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Websites + Marketing

You've got the ideas, and now you have the tools to make it happen. Websites + Marketing provides the perfect blend of guidance and intuitive tools to help you start a business, share your perspective, or maybe even change the world!

Build your first website

Create a one-page website in less than an hour, using one of your website builder's pre-built templates.

This tutorial shows you how to:

  • Set up your website builder
  • Create a beautiful header
  • Write a description of who you are
  • List what you offer
  • Display your contact information
  • Publish the site you've built on a custom web address
Build a multi-page website

Expand your website with multiple pages. We show you how to structure your information in a way that makes your business shine.

The tutorial guides you through:

  • Planning your pages
  • Organizing page navigation
  • Adding and optimizing valuable content sections
  • Getting found on Google
  • Protecting yourself and your website
  • Publishing your website
Sell your products

Use Websites + Marketing's ecommerce tools to showcase and sell your physical or digital products. We teach you the basics and make sure you're ready to process your first transaction.

After 6 lessons you'll be able to:

  • Create product listings for your store
  • Promote those products on your website
  • Configure and charge the correct sales tax
  • Take payments, send order confirmations and process refunds
  • Set up your shipping methods and communicate your policies
  • Test and launch your ecommerce store
Migrate an existing store

Move your existing online shop over to Websites + Marketing and watch your business thrive in no time.

In this tutorial, we show you how to:

  • Add products and services to your online store
  • Set up your payment processor
  • Get set up for shipping
  • Charge the right sales tax
  • Manage your existing customers
  • Create rewards and incentives
  • Connect to social media

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