Which file formats does Fax Thru Email support?

Fax Thru Email supports most common file formats. Look below for the extension of the file name you're sending — such as .doc — to ensure it's compatible with the formats Fax Thru Email supports.

Microsoft® Office

  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .xls
  • .xlsx

Open Office

  • .sxw
  • .odt
  • .sxc
  • .ods
  • .sxd
  • .odg

Text Documents

  • .txt
  • .rtf

Other Document Types

  • .pdf


  • .html
  • .htm


  • .bmp
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png
  • .tif
  • .tiff

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